Friday, December 4, 2009

old school ultimate

With the growing popularity of Ultimate frisbee comes a growing number of new books dedicated to the history and techniques of the sport. Sam, however, went out and found one of the oldest books about disc sports, "Frisbee: More than a game of catch," published in 1984 and now out of print.

This books includes wonderful pictures of people dressed in leg warmers and short shorts demonstrating a variety of throws used in freestyle, Ultimate, double disc court, guts, disc golf, and any other of the many ways people played with Frisbees back in the day. It's hilarious.

The author also provides us with this poem he wrote extolling the wonders of a Frisbee:

The Circle
by Billy Bloom

The circle which I speak about
Is tossed and sometimes rolled.
To watch this colored object fly
Is pleasing to behold.

It spins and hovers like a tiny
Planet in the sky.
It falls to earth as gently as
An oak leaf from up high.

When gliding through the air it is
A spacecraft from afar.
The minds which guide its perfect flight
Are from a distant star.

But then you hold it in your hand:
A plastic dinner plate.
It must be good, for all men know
The Frisbee feels no hate.


sam said...

and that poem is a perfect illustration as to why i hate poetry--even about subjects i love

Billy B. said...

Oh, snap--that's cold.

-Billy Bloom (seriously): the author of the poem you hate