Monday, January 4, 2010

goodbye, hoosier state

The day I turned 16 years old, I got my Indiana driver's license. Since then, I have lived in three different states and one different country. Throughout my travels, I always retained my Indiana license. Perhaps I wanted to keep my Indiana resident status, perhaps the photo wasn't bad enough to change, or perhaps I was just lazy.

Today, however, I gave it up and officially became a citizen of Wisconsin. Now the bartenders don't have to search around for my date of birth.


Sarah Loos said...

I am very sad to be giving up my Indiana license for a Pennsylvania one when it expires next month, though your comment about searching for the date of birth on the Indiana license made me laugh. So true.

kj said...

I'm also in the same boat. One country and three states. I think that I may have to switch due to Arizona law/my hospital's regulations, but it makes me sad and I'm still holding out.