Monday, January 11, 2010

the real nordic track

As if Sam and I don't spend enough time outdoors playing Ultimate frisbee all over the place, we just bought cross country skis to fill the winter weekends with outdoor fun. The La Crosse area is purported to have excellent trails, and we mean to try them out this week.

I mean to laugh at Sam's first experience on skis. I don't think his usual "I have great balance because I have a low center of gravity" boast is gonna work when he has skis on his feet.


sam said...

"I mean"

Yes, yes you are.

ashupe said...

Where did you get them? I'd really like to cross country ski and we have plenty of places/snow, but I don't know anything about buying skis. Besides Goodwill, that is, and I'm not sure about that either.

Laura said...

We got our skis used at Play It Again Sports, a used sports stuff store. We didn't know squat about it, so we took someone along who did.

What I learned is the skis should be waxless, they should have scales/grooves on the underside, and when you stand on them, you should be able to pull a piece of paper out from under them.

For us, the skis and poles were cheap, but we had to buy the boots new. For one set (used skis and poles, new boots), I think it cost about $100. Good luck!

Mike said...

I love cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, I haven't done any since 2006, when I spent January along Lake Superior. In Montana all I did was snowshoeing.

Nice to know that if I can't be faster than Sam on the ultimate field, I can at least be faster on cross-country skis.