Friday, January 29, 2010

there's no drought in vegas

This is a horse in a fountain at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. For being a city in the middle of the desert, Vegas sure does have a whole lot of fountains and pools. And yet, we never went swimming. We did see two shows involving the surprising surplus of water, though.

The first was the Bellagio fountain/music spectacular, which was actually pretty awesome. We went over at night and watched the long row of fountains light up and dance to the music.

The second was the Siren show at Treasure Island. Scantily clad women, pirates, sinking ships, and fire torches are just a few of the entertaining aspects. While not at all high class, it was at least amusing.

We wanted to see the volcano in the lagoon at the Mirage, but somehow never quite got around to it.

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ashupe said...

That's where my brother got married a few years ago - Caesar's Palace. It was planned, so not a crazy Vegas wedding. But it was a lot of fun!