Saturday, January 30, 2010

top ten

Top Ten things to do in the check-out line at the grocery to ensure the cashier will put your tomatoes, eggs, and grapes at the bottom of your bag underneath your milk.

10. Don't read the directions on the card swipe machine.

9. Talk to your friend behind you in line, ignoring everything going on with your groceries.

8. Have the cashier ring up $100 worth of groceries, realize you have only $50, and then ask the cashier to take off this one, that one, maybe that one too...until you get it down to $50.

7. Unload your groceries, push your cart into the walkway, and leave it there when you go.

6. Leave your groceries to go get that one thing you forgot, even though there's a line behind you.

5. Tell the cashier, "They did it for me at another store..."

4. Hand the cashier a granola bar your small child has been slobbering on as you shopped.

3. Hold out your hand full of change and expect the cashier to pick out the amount you owe.

2. Come over to the cashier's side of the lane and attempt to use the phone without permission.

1. Talk on your cell phone.

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