Sunday, February 7, 2010

i'm not dead!

My worms speak in Monty Python quotes. After a little more digging this afternoon, I found that most of my worms are in fact alive, a bit of news I am sure you are all happy to hear.

Even more amazing than the large bin of worms that survived one night in 20 degree weather, is the small bin of worms I abandoned months ago in the porch hoping the few remaining would actually die. They were much more alive than I expected. They had slowly munched away at what remaining bedding was available and then huddled together for warmth. This was perfect for me to harvest their poop and move them back in with their slightly warmer friends.

Now I am back to two happy worm bins, just in time to watch the Colts win the Superbowl.


ashupe said...

Glad for the happy outcome for your worms! I like following their saga in your posts.

And Go Colts!

Sarah Loos said...

Sorry about the Colts loss. I felt it keenly here in Pittsburgh as a lone Colts fan. I cheered for them more passionately here than I'm sure I ever did in Indiana.