Sunday, February 7, 2010

worm related

Lately, things have happened in a sort of circular manner. Actually, I don't think that's the correct phrase, but a whole lot of things involving a similar topic occurred right around the same time.

On Tuesday, I finally attended a meeting of the LAGERS, La Crosse Grain Enthusiasts and Related Specialties, that is, the local Homebrew Club. Everyone brings some brew and get offered some constructive criticism. I brought some kiwi wine, and it seemed to go over well.

In the course of the evening, it somehow came up that I use worms to compost, and suddenly I had quite a few homebrewers interested in bartering some beer for my worm castings to use to grow their hops. I was thinking that I didn't have quite enough to go around, but we'd see.

The next day, I ran into my fellow vermicomposter in the co-op and told her about the worm poop bartering. She was excited to have a future home for her compost, and I was excited to find another source for my new beer-brewing friends.

But then, I forgot to bring my worms in from their daytime home on my enclosed porch, and they froze overnight. I am a worm killer. I have destroyed most of my worm colony, and it will take months to bring them back to the thriving mess of worms they once were. I am very sad.

What is even worse, is that I promised to give a few people some worms to start their own bins, and I'm not sure if I will be able to provide them with enough. We'll see. I think I'll be having a worm-evaluation party with myself right before the Superbowl.

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