Thursday, February 25, 2010

tea party for me

When I visited China, one of my favorite things was the wonderful variety of flower teas. I particularly enjoyed the chrysanthemum and of course, the jasmine. The wonderful flower aromas compliment the delicate flavor of the teas. I bought quite a bit while I was there, but ever since I've run out I've been looking for where I could buy some more.

Well, I am lucky because a Chinese tea shop just opened up in La Crosse. It's only their first week in business, so I thought I'd stop by and encourage them by buying something. I was really hoping for chrysanthemum, but they didn't have any in yet. They did have the always enjoyable blooming jasmine tea balls, though, which I promptly bought.

I was going to take a picture of the bloom, but the only kind of glasses I have that are thick enough to put boiling water in are pint glasses. And unfortunately, the bottom of the glass is not wide enough to allow the flower to entirely unfurl. So, the event was not as dramatic as it could have been, but the flavor of the tea was very lovely.

Although, there's something not quite right about drinking tea from a glass that says, "I don't support my drinking habit...River City does!"

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sam said...

booo no mention of someone who notified you to their status as "open?"