Sunday, February 28, 2010

not quite a chia pet

Since I can't have a garden in the winter, I've finally gotten around to growing some of my own sprouts. These are my first batch from chia seeds. They grew very fast and were incredibly responsive to the sun. Sam swore he could watch them turn toward the light.

We ate these on our salads tonight, and I hope to have some broccoli sprouts in the next few days to put on my sandwiches. The wheatgrass is hanging out too, just waiting for me to pick a stalk or two to chew on.

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Sarah Loos said...

I've been sprouting a lot lately, too! I have sprout trays, but they sometimes get moldy, so I mostly stick to the bags. Any advice?

I have to say that the clear winner on sprouts so far has been lentils. At $1 for a bag at the grocery store and only three days to sprout, they are delicious and practical! I especially enjoy them in stir fry.

Do let me know if you have any more exciting sprouting revelations!