Thursday, March 4, 2010

forty-four degrees

Wisconsin is welcoming spring. It is a toasty forty-four degrees outside today, and people are walking around in shorts and tank tops. I got my bicycle out and went for a leisurely ride through the marsh to enjoy the sights and sounds of melting snow.

I stopped along the La Crosse River and watched the snow shelves along the banks drip and drop into the current. I caught a glimpse of a few bald eagles circling overhead. And I was amused by the early start the beavers have gotten in gnawing down the trees along the path.

There are still large swathes of snow-covered ground, but everything shows signs that the sun and warm temperatures are slowly returning to La Crosse.


ashupe said...

I'm jealous of your temperature, though 35 degrees with sun feels so warm to us right now.

是誰 said...
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