Saturday, April 17, 2010

blue spring

The birds love our gutters. Robins and sparrows line the top of our house, flitting in and out of what I suppose is a bit of leftover winter debris stuck on the roof. They have begun making nests in the nooks where the gutters take a downward plunge and funnel rainwater toward our landlord's attempt at new grass. A few have taken to scolding me when I come out to water the garden, move my planters into better sunlight, or just have a stretch in the sun.

But despite their protectiveness, some pair has not had a good run at nesting this year. I found this intact, but nestless egg abandoned in my garden dirt. I left it in a sunny place, but I doubt the daytime heat can make up for the chilly nights. I thought about taking it in and attempting a rescue, but I doubt I would be as successful there as I have been with re-growing lettuce from leftover cores.

So the little blue egg sits in the corner of my garden like a forgotten Easter egg.

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