Thursday, April 8, 2010

twiddling my green thumbs

Last week, the weather was a wonderful 70 degrees and everyone agreed that spring had come. So I figured it was time to plan my garden. It's a tiny garden, so I decided that herbs were the way to go. I got some books on herb gardens from the library and came up with the following plan:

I'll have a 7x7 garden divided into 9 squares for 9 different kinds of plants.

1. Rhubarb: The house came with it, and I am not indifferent to its possibilities.
2. Chamomile: I love chamomile tea.
3. Chives: Sam loves chives.
4. Shiso: A spicy Japanese leaf that is tasty with sushi and other things.
5. Thai basil: Because regular basil is so readily available.
6. Parsley: Why not?
7. Dill: It's really good in tahini with falafal.
8. Mint: Last year's mint wine was fabulous.
9. Sunflowers: I have some seeds...

I'm also starting a few things up in containers as an experiment.
1. Lemon thyme: I had some seeds from two years ago.
2. Lemongrass: The guy at the Asian grocery showed me how to plant some extra stalks I didn't need for my soup.

And there's a little spot where some partial-shade flowers can go.
1. Columbine: Thanks to Sam's parents!
2. Daisies: Thanks to Sam's parents!

But now that I am all ready to go, the temperature has dropped back down to the 40s and my garden books tell me that the average last frost for my area is May 5. So, I started a few things indoors, but I don't know how much help it's gonna be since my house and the outdoors are practically the same temperature.

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