Wednesday, May 12, 2010

two for one

I think the fish steals the show in this picture, but this post is actually about the lettuce.

When I started planning my little garden, I randomly read how if you plant heads of lettuce, you can get two harvests from them: pull off the leaves once, and then let them regrow. That made me wonder if I could get a second round out of the lettuce I bought at the store.

The answer is yes. I took the butt-end of the organic lettuce I had just finished turning into a salad and let it soak in about half an inch of water for three days. Then I stuck it in some potting soil and made sure it stayed moist. One month later, I had enough lettuce for two sandwiches.

I'm pretty sure the lettuce would have kept growing had I let it. Next time, I'll aim for a full salad.

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