Saturday, November 13, 2010

finally, a weekend with a little free time

*Breakfast: Mexican Chipotle fake meat sausages and scrambled eggs

Also, I made pumpkin bread, which was like a snack somewhere between breakfast and lunch. My pumpkin bread tastes a lot like my zucchini bread. I'm beginning to think that most veggie breads are just bread with a tiny bit of veggies. I must find recipes that use a larger proportion of vegetables than sugar and flour.

*Lunch: Southern Style (hominy, black eyed peas, collard greens, and bbq seitan)

*Dinner: Wild rice and feta-stuffed delicata squash

Really, all the free time ended up being Sam's. I have work to make up from being sick on Thursday, in addition to the two choir concerts I'm singing in this weekend. So Sam made the food today. Sam says my hunger after the concert made this dish seem tastier than it was, but I am partial to things that have butter and cheese in them.

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