Saturday, November 13, 2010

bacon is the exception

*Breakfast: Tamago-yaki, bacon, and toast

When we were in Japan, my friend Mayo taught Sam how to make tamago-yaki, eggs cooked into a layered roll. We even bought the special rectangular pan and brought it back from Japan with us so we can make them here. Sam usually makes the eggs more American by adding cheese and veggies to the roll, but today we kept it simple and Japanese.

*Lunch: Cupcakes

My choir, the La Crosse Chamber Chorale, had concerts this weekend. Sunday's was at 3pm, but my call was at 1:30pm and I had a late breakfast. So I did not eat lunch, and instead waited for the cupcakes at the reception celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our choir. I ate a few more than I should have.

*Dinner: Bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with cheese and veggies

Holmen Meat Locker is the place to get freshly butchered meat around here, and we've been twice in the last two months. But Sam's vegetarian, you say. Well, Sam's vegetarian, except when our CSA supplies us with so much kale, collards, beet greens, and turnip greens that we decide we must try to cook them the old-fashioned way: in bacon grease.

During one of our trips to the Locker, I picked up this frozen chicken thingy. I love chicken, bacon, and cheese, so I thought it was a good bet. Halfway through I realized that I've been eating vegetarian for so long that a giant hunk of meat is no longer appetizing.

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