Sunday, November 7, 2010

there are always other recipes

It isn't often that a new recipe ends in 100% failure, but we had such a recipe this morning. Sam tried to make Eggplant Huevos Rancheros following a recipe we got out of a book of eggplant recipes, but the eggs wouldn't set. And since the raw eggs were being baked in the eggplant, they pretty much ruined the whole thing. So we fell back on our usual weekend breakfast.

*Breakfast: Egg and veggie scramble, with waffles

*Lunch: Stir-fry veggies and rice, and miso soup

*Dinner: Eggplant with Chilis and Beans

Eggplant recipe #2 was edible, but not anything to be excited about. I think this eggplant recipe book is done for in our house. Roasted eggplant, white beans, chiles, cheese, and bread crumbs made for a mushy dish which might have been better as a dip or something, not a main dish.

*Dessert: Brownies

We had to make up for the boring dinner with something chocolate.


Jillian said...

do you make fresh waffles?? My dad got me a waffle iron a few years ago and I love using it. My favorite recipe is a buttermilk batter that rises overnight. They are so light and delicious! It is kind of awful how much butter goes into one waffle.

Laura said...

I used to make fresh waffles, but my very old wafflemaker did not survive the move from Illinois.

I've been eying the wafflemakers at Target, though. So maybe sometime in the future I'll get back to them.

In the meantime, it's just frozen waffles for me.