Sunday, January 30, 2011

opposite of first place

I am a fairly competitive person. I like to succeed at things, especially things that Sam and I do together. I like to do better than Sam at these things. But this has not been the case lately.

For example, yesterday Sam and I played in the Winter Rec Fest Euchre Tournament. This was ten rounds (seven hours, including lunch) of the Midwest's favorite card game* played by one hundred casual and serious players from the La Crosse area. After every round, the winners would move up a table, the losers would stay at the same table, and everyone would switch partners, so you rarely played with the same partner twice. Winners got 12 points, and losers got the number of points they received in the game.

Sam advanced steadily and ended up tied for 26th place. I stayed at the same table for seven rounds, won one game against an undefeated player, and secured last place in the tournament. Yes, I got 100th out of 100 players. I mostly blame bad cards, but Sam will never let me live it down, I'm sure.

*In the next room, there were about 120 people playing Sheepshead, another Midwest game I am very interested in learning. Although since it is more complicated than Euchre, I will most likely not be very good at it.

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