Sunday, January 23, 2011

assistant brewer

Twice this week I've had friends ask me what I've been doing lately. My instant response is "nothing new." This is a fairly accurate assessment, because what I have been doing that has been keeping me busy is the usual ongoing things, like choir, curling, working, knitting, and yoga.

That being said, yesterday Sam and I brewed a batch of all-grain beer. It is currently sitting a few feet away from me bubbling away as the yeast does its thing.

Sam had brewed an English ale with an extract kit a few months ago. It turned out good flavor-wise, but was flat. He did a lot of research, talked to the brew club guys, and decided that as a holiday gift to ourselves, we were going to invest in home-brewing equipment to brew all-grain beer with recipes we make up ourselves. And so we did.

Now we have five gallons of Pale Ale and a gallon of experimental malt wine (even though I said I was going to give up on wine to help with beer, there's still a bit of me that wants to keep trying). I'll let you know how it turns out.

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