Thursday, April 7, 2011

two kids and some chickens

On Sunday we went out to Jarpal Farms, the homestead owned by my friend and coworker, Beth and her husband, Erik. The farm is home to two human families, over thirty chickens, seven ducks, five cats, and most recently, goats!

Clara and her brother Macaroon were born only a few weeks ago, and we went out to visit before they lost their baby playfulness. Clara was jumping around the whole time, so it was hard to get a non-blurry photo!

We played with the goats, Sam asserted his dominance over the chickens, and I curled up with a cat. Then we enjoyed quiche made from the chicken eggs and fresh goat cheese, and some great homebrewed beer. It was a wonderful afternoon spent on the farm with friends.


Anonymous said...

What, did Sam urinate on the chickens or something?

Laura said...

No, but he did burp loudly at them.