Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a new season

The Ultimate season has officially begun, and we are well on our way to playing/observing several tournaments in a row.

This past weekend was College North Central Regionals. It was supposed to be held in Appleton, but northern Wisconsin has had nothing but rain and clouds for the past two weeks, so the ground was too soggy. The D1 (bigger school) divisions were moved to Madison instead, where the ground was less soggy, but the wind was ridiculous.

We observed six games, including Women's Finals and a bunch of games that decided who would or would not go to Nationals. I gave one Personal Misconduct Foul for a guy who responded to my call with "you should pay attention to the game." Other than that, the games were pretty clean and the players seemed to genuinely appreciate our presence on the field.

Once again I tracked the number of points total in each game and calculated the absolute least number of miles we ran. The absolute least we could run would be 70 yards per point, the length of the field between the endzones. Of course, this ends up being a ridiculously inaccurate number, especially in windy conditions when teams are just hucking up and down the field. But the low number for the weekend is 4.5 miles. I think I would at least triple it to get a better idea.

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ultimatesamwood said...

And I gave a PMF to a guy who threw an elbow at another guy. Vicious.