Friday, July 29, 2011

worm eulogy

The worms are dead. Long live the worms.

It was a confluence of things. Sam says I killed them by giving them too much warm spent grain to chew on. I concede, and note that the excess food brought little buggy friends out of the woodwork for the worms to fight with. But these things might have been overcome were in not for the two weeks of ridiculous hot and humid weather. The worms could not handle the 85 degree basement, even though I tried to cool them off by providing ice packs.

Some tried to flee across the basement floor and ended up as dried worm corpses, and others suffocated in their bins, only to return to the dirt from which they came.

It was a sad day today, cleaning out the bins. But it had to be done so that I can welcome a new bunch of composters in the fall.


ultimatesamwood said...

Hurrah for PBW, StarSan, rain barrel water, and elbow grease!

A Wood said...

Did you name a worm after grandpa?