Wednesday, August 10, 2011

along the platte rivers

I've been to most of the states east of the Mississippi, but this last week I added one to my western states checklist: Colorado. Sam and I drove out for my friend Leslie's wedding and to visit his aunt and uncle. I would have photos of the gorgeousness of the high altitudes, but the camera lied to me when it said it had full batteries, so I was cut off before I could even begin.

Instead, I have a photo of this toad who appears to have taken a smoke break next to the curb where we parked our truck for the night in North Platte, Nebraska. The toad might have been the nicest part about North Platte.

Reasons not to visit North Platte, Nebraska:
1. Bar patrons who don't tip, and the barmaids who constantly complain about them.
2. Liquor store employees who call you a hippie to your face, laugh, show your ID to their friend, laugh some more, and call you a hippie one more time before you leave.
3. Overpriced donuts.
4. Subway employees who fondle your vegetables before placing them on your sandwich.

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