Saturday, August 27, 2011

fall brewing season begins

We took a few months off from brewing beer due to the hot weather, but we're back at it again with two new beers brewed up today.

The first was a harvest ale. Thanks to Beth, Erik, and their hop plants, we were able to wet hop, which means we added freshly picked hops to our beer. We picked these hops last night, and when we opened the bag this morning, our kitchen smelled magical.

The second was a pumpkin porter. As I was researching this kind of beer, I learned that a decent number of pumpkin beers do not actually include pumpkin because the fruit is so bland as to not lend any flavor; most people just associate the pumpkin pie spices with a pumpkin beer. I wanted to include some fruit, but I also wanted to try to get some flavor from it. So I actually used butternut squash. I don't know yet whether any of its flavor will get through, but at least the spices and molasses I added give me hope for a really tasty beer.

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Anonymous said...

don't forget you are scheduled to pick hops at Arnold's this fall. He is expecting you.