Saturday, October 15, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we were just outside of Milwaukee for a tournament. On Friday night we walked across the street from our hotel to get dinner at the restaurant there. I don't remember the name, but it had a very hunting-themed decor.

As I was looking through the list of sides, I saw "loaded sweet potato," which I assumed to be like a loaded baked potato, only with a sweet potato. This is something I love, so I ordered it.

I wish I had a picture of what arrived at my table. It was a bowl filled with mashed sweet potatoes, and those potatoes were swimming in a mixture of butter, cinnamon, and caramel. On top were marshmallows and walnuts.

Now, I normally love my sweet foods, and I did try my best to enjoy the gooey treat in front of me, but the caramel and marshmallows eventually did me in.

I think I'll have my sweet potatoes plain for awhile, thank you.

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