Monday, October 3, 2011

chile rellenos ala sam

Somehow between tournaments, work, practices, and trying to deal with preserving as much food from the garden and the CSA that we can, Sam managed to squeeze in cooking a good chile rellenos tonight.

Chile rellenos are, in general, poblano peppers stuffed with queso and fried. Sam has tried several times to make this dish, but the peppers have a tendency to fall apart. This time they held together pretty well, and the little bit of membrane he left in the pepper gave it just the right amount of kick. The homemade tomato sauce topping was the perfect complement.

The side dish was a simple combination of kale and beet greens added to fennel and bacon pieces cooked in the bacon's own juices. The fennel gave the greens a great flavor in place of the apple cider vinegar we usually use.

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