Sunday, November 6, 2011

fall afternoon

Today would be a perfect fall day if it weren't for the wind. That makes it a good day for house-cleaning, errand-running, and football-watching.

We spent the morning cleaning the house, and put some blankets out on the line to let the wind carry the dust and dead skin away. Then we went to grocery store to get the rest of the ingredients we need for most of this week's menu. And lastly, we cleaned up the remainder of the garden.

There wasn't a whole lot left in our garden, since most of our herbs are not hardy through frost, but we'd been holding off in hopes that the ground cherries would ripen. Alas, no luck there, and we pulled out the plant along with the rabbit fence. The oregano and parsley seem to be hanging in there, but they can just die with the first snow and we won't mind. We'll use them until they fade away.

And now I think I'm going to go attempt to go play some Ultimate despite the wind, but I doubt we'll last very long.

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