Tuesday, November 22, 2011

yarn time

Winter and football season combine to be the perfect time for me to crochet and knit. It's too cold to play outside, so Sunday afternoons are spent tidying the house, watching football, and working with yarn.

Last year I became obsessed with knitting socks, but had to teach myself how to do so. This year, I picked up a the needles, and zoom! I started up a pair of chunky slipper-socks to wear around the house. I've finished one sock already, and will most likely have the second one finished by the end of Thanksgiving break. (Hours in a vehicle driving to Indiana for the holiday also provide excellent knitting time.)

I think I might try to do a few more pairs of slipper-socks for use when we tell people to take their shoes off in our house, but then make them hang out on our cold, hardwood floors. And then I might branch out into a pair of leggings. They're just long socks, right?

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