Sunday, December 4, 2011

home ownership

So, we bought a house! It's old and cute and we like it. That being said, it is a little more of fixer upper than we had originally thought.

We started out with this little list of things to do before/as we moved in:
-Caulk the floor/shower intersection.
-Strip and repaint a small section of the downstairs bathroom.
-Fix washer drain pipe.
-Clean the basement carpet.

We've expanded this list to include these fun things we've discovered. None of them are immediate needs, but should be accomplished before long.

-Find a way to stop water from the shower from flooding the bathroom floor.
-Find a way to deal with the window in the shower in the bathroom.
-Taller/bigger sink in bathroom?
-Then again, let's just redo the whole the bathroom.
-Get electric outlets in the bedroom.
-Floor the back porch.
-Put a new door on the back porch.
-Take out the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room.
-Put in ceiling fans everywhere.

And I'm sure we'll find more. Plus, Sam and I are both the sort of people who want to get things done and want them to look right, which means there are so many more things that will probably get fixed in this house before we move again. We're just hoping the housing market will improve so we can get back all the money we're going to put in.

And so, onward to home improvement!

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