Saturday, January 28, 2012

and then we rest

The college Ultimate season is upon us, and practices for the UW-L Women's Ultimate team start this week.  This means that Sam and I have practices and workouts to plan and attend.  It also means that, once again, we will be busy for almost every night of the week.

It's really a good thing that the time-consuming parts of sake brewing have now come to an end.  From here until the primary fermentation is complete (3 weeks-ish), I do nothing but stir a few times and make sure nothing funky is happening.  The most difficult part will be trying to keep the sake at a temperature as close to 45 deg as possible.  I think I will be moving the fermenting bucket back and forth from my three-season porch during the day to the basement closet at night.  Here's hoping I don't trip carrying 4 gallons of liquid up and down the basement stairs.

DAY 12 (Tomezoe - final addition)
Drain soaked rice from DAY 11 for 1 hr
Steam rice for 1hr
Fluff and cool rice for 20 min
Mix rice and 6 cups cold water from DAY 11
Add cooled rice to mash (55 deg)
Stir and place in cold, dark place
Stir again 12 hrs later

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