Friday, January 20, 2012

the pure stuff

According to the old German purity laws for beer (Reinheitsgebot), beer must be made with only water, barley, and hops.  While these old laws have long since been repealed, they established the basic recipe for what we consider to be beer.

Japan has similar laws for determining what can be classified as what type of sake.  What I am making is junmai (pure) sake which includes only water, rice, yeast, and koji.  Other types include those with liquor added back in, fruit sake, and sparkling sake.

Stir twice, 10 hrs apart
Check temperature: 71 deg
"Smells like bread," says Sam.
Less solid, more liquid.

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JNCL said...

Can I just say that the title of this post sounds a little like there might soon be a drug bust in the offing? :D
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