Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sam and I went down to Madison on Saturday in order to be officially certified as Ultimate coaches.  We learned about ethics, liability, professionalism, and how to run an effective practice.  The best part of the clinic, however, was meeting other coaches in the region and learning what they do with their teams.  We got some good tips on drills, and a lot of literature to read about fitness.

Because we left Friday night and didn't get back until Saturday night, I had to stir my sake a little early on Friday and miss one stir on Saturday.  I don't believe this will be a problem, because the stirring is mostly to introduce more oxygen into the yeast mash to help the yeast reproduce.  I guess I'll just have a few less yeasties to do the job.

Stir once in the evening.
Smells fruity, almost like ripe strawberries

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