Thursday, February 2, 2012


I feel like I'm playing musical chairs for the past few days with my sake.  Ideally, my sake will ferment at 45 degrees in a dark place.  Do you have a 45-degree closet in your house?  I don't.

But I do have a 52-degree closet.  And as of Monday, I have a 52-degree closet with a sticky floor.  The sake ferments quite rapidly in the first week after the last addition, and the high temperature made it even more vigorous, to the point of overflowing the bucket.  I stirred on Monday morning, and when I went back on Monday night, there was a mess of sticky bubbles on the floor.

Since then, I have been moving the bucket around my house in accordance with the weather.  On cloudy days it lives on the back porch, on sunny days when the back porch heats up too much it lives on the front porch, and at night it either goes back in the closet or stays on the back porch, depending if the weather is getting much below freezing.  Luckily, it takes really cold weather for four gallons of liquid to freeze, and it's been downright balmy here lately.

DAYS 14 - 17
Stir twice a day DAYS 14-15
Overflow on DAY 14 (52 deg)
Attempt to keep 45 deg

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