Saturday, February 25, 2012

the second time

As if 2.5 gallons of sake wasn't enough, I've recently started a second batch.

This second batch will be the same as the first except for two things.
1) I used some of my koji for an amazake experiment a few weeks ago, so my batch will be a little smaller.
2) I'm going to use rice that is not officially sake rice.

The rice I used last time had to be special ordered from Oregon, and although the rice itself was not that expensive, the shipping was.  So I contacted the supplier of the bulk sushi rice for the co-op, Lundberg Family Farms, and asked them about their rice.  It turns out that their rice is Akitakomachi, a very good variety for sake brewing, and it is milled down 36%, which is at the high end of where you want your sake rice to be, but should still produce decent sake.

The first batch of sake is still in secondary bottles, and the sediment is slowly settling.  Should be ready to drink in another month or so.

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