Tuesday, September 25, 2012

mistaken identity

I've known that black labs are popular dogs for awhile, but it wasn't until we got one that I started seeing them everywhere, especially my neighborhood.  I'll estimate that there are at least five black labs/black lab mixes of roughly the same size within a two block radius of my house.  To make it better, every single one of them has a red collar.

To put this in perspective, this morning I came home from my morning walk with Millie to find a black lab mix attached to Millie's tether in the backyard.  Someone must have found this dog wandering around, assumed it was Millie, and put "her" back in the correct backyard.  With all the black dogs running around the neighborhood, it wasn't a bad guess.

Luckily for everyone involved, the visitor had a tag with a phone number and address, and I soon returned him to his home down the street.

It's nice to know that our neighbors are looking out for us and Millie, even if they can't tell her apart from the other neighborhood dogs.

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