Sunday, October 14, 2012

the secret life of mildred brewster

If I'm not careful, this blog might become the Millie Blog.  I'll try to insert something else interesting about my life at some point, but really, Millie is the entertainment around here.

Yesterday, we started cleaning out some shelves and drawers and started a pile of clothing and scraps to discard.  Millie decided it would be a great place for a nap.  We decided that she would look good with a few more accessories.  Everyone had a good time.

Today, Millie is on a sugar high.  We often give her a bit of leftover wort when we brew, and wort is pretty high in sugar.  And then I made some dog treats out of the spent grain and finished off the jar of peanut butter.  I thought it would be funny to watch her clean out the bottom of the jar.  It was.

Unfortunately, Mille is now wired and is spending the evening "talking" to Sam, walking around in circles, staring at specks on the wall, and generally acting like she has had three or four energy drinks.

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