Thursday, November 22, 2012

day 22: cousins

Sam's brother adopted a rescue dog last Friday.  Fennel is a female, two-year old black lab mix.  Sound familiar?  Millie and Fennel wander around the house together following whoever is currently doing what looks most interesting.  Sam says he feels like the leader of a pack, and I can tell that he is now thinking of what our house would be like with a second dog.

Fennel is slightly smaller than Millie, but when you just glance over to scold whichever one it is that is doing something wrong, it definitely takes a second to figure out who is who.  And when they both come up to you to be petted at the same time, it's almost like a two-headed dog. 

There's nothing like dogs to add to the fun Thanksgiving atmosphere in the house.

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Peter U. said...

Two dogs are the perfect number of dogs. One dog is not enough. Three dogs gets out of control way too fast. Two dogs are perfect!