Wednesday, November 7, 2012

day 7: i'm not dead!

Millie like to play catch, and she needs to play catch in order to settle down for the rest of the day.  The problem is that our yard is really not cut out for playing catch.  We can do it, but even rotating between the front and back yards doesn't do much to slow the increasing number of divots Millie's paws make when she bounds and turns to grab a ball or a disc.

About a mile down the road is a bit of privately owned green space.  I have talked to the owner, and Millie and I are allowed to go down there and throw.  The problem is, what started as a 15 minute throwing session in our yard becomes a 45 minute throwing session when you factor in the walking.  I often do not have that time.

This morning, I somehow had 30 minutes to spend with Millie, and I knew she needed serious play time.  So I re-instigated my daily workout, and we ran to the green space.  Running is not something I should be doing, as this time of the year is my low-impact/protect the knees and feet time.  But I felt bad for Millie, so I did.  It wasn't horrible.  I'll consider doing it again.

Today's workout:
Jog for 8 minutes, throw for 15 minutes, jog for 8 minutes

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