Thursday, November 8, 2012

day 8: sunshine on millie's shoulders

Millie does not like cameras.  Every time I point one in her direction, she turns away.  That is, until I stand there so long she gets annoyed.  This is Millie's annoyed face.

Today's workout:
2 sets of lunge circles on each leg

Lunge circle on right leg:
Stand neutrally
Lunge straight forward, return
Lunge to 2 o'clock, return
Lunge sideways to 3 o'clock, keeping body facing forward, feeling the stretch in left inner leg, return
Step back to 5 o'clock, sitting back so that left toe points up, return
Bring right leg behind left leg, extending toes to 9 o'clock (think bowling finish or curtsy), return

Repeat on left leg going counterclockwise.

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