Saturday, December 1, 2012

the start

I had half a post written yesterday for the last day of nablopomo.  I did not get it finished.  So let's forget all that, and talk about something else.

Today was the first of our series of 5k races, the Jingle Bell Run.  The weather was a cloudy 39 degrees with a slight wind.  241 runners and walkers completed the race, and Sam and I did pretty well.

Laura's time: 28:17 (9:07 per mile average)
Actual splits: 9:29, 8:40, 9:10, 0:50 (ish)
Place: 107/241 overall, 15/57 in age division

Sam's time: 21:54 (7:03 per mile average)
Place: 26/241 overall, 1/13 in age division

I had meant to either just run 1.5 miles, or run the whole race at 10 minute per mile pace in order to work my legs and feet back into this running thing.  The competition got the best of me, however, and I went a little faster than I probably should have.  I have to say I felt pretty good.

Sam said he felt like he was really slow and his legs were heavy.  Ha.  He approximately tied his best 5k time and finished first in his age division.  Perhaps that experimental shot of espresso prior to the race had something to do with it.

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