Thursday, November 29, 2012

day 29: a case of the wednesdays

Ask Millie what her least favorite day of the week is, and she will definitely say Wednesday.  This day usually involves very little play time as Sam and I run around like crazy with work, curling, and more work.  Yesterday was no exception.

The day finally ended pleasantly, though, with a drinks with curling friends.  While chatting, we realized that the Powerball drawing had just taken place.  I had bought a couple of tickets just for the fun of it, and Cassy turned on her smart phone to get us the numbers.  She read them out...and three matched!  According to my ticket, we had just won $7!

We celebrated with exuberant high-fives, as one should do when winning a trivial amount of money, and then Cassy looked back down at her phone.  Oops, those were Saturday's numbers.  When we finally got to  the real numbers, we hadn't even hit one.  Oh well, we enjoyed our almost winning.

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