Saturday, January 5, 2013


It seems like my training has paid off and Sam's holiday break has caught up with him.  In this morning's 5k race, I improved my time by 2:30, and Sam worsened his time by 1:00.  The weather was cold (20 degrees), but there was no wind and the roads were clear.  All in all, I thought it was pretty decent winter running weather.

Laura's results
25:46 (8:18/mi): 52/198 overall, 14/124 women, 6/46 age group

Sam's results
22:46 (7:14/mi): 24/198 overall, 18/73 men, 2/18 age group

Officially, Sam won his age group because the first place man in his age group also finished first overall, therefore bumping Sam up.  That's his second blue ribbon in a row.  Now he's shooting to get all three.

I'm just happy to have improved my time, and I'm looking to bring it down another minute next month.

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