Wednesday, January 2, 2013

way back

The second race in the YMCA Winter Running Series is coming up this Saturday.  I have been running approximately every other day in an attempt to improve my time and generally get back into running shape.

It is a long-term goal of mine to once again run a 5k as fast as I did when I was my fastest - at the Jill Behrman Run for the Endzone 5k at Indiana University in 2006.  On that day, I ran the race in 21:26 and had my fastest mile time ever.

My short-term goal is much more attainable - simply to run faster and more comfortably than in my previous race.  I have been been alternating indoor and outdoor runs over the last month.  Treadmills keep me going faster, but result in more aching feet and knees.  Sidewalks with ice slow me down, but at least I have Millie to keep me entertained and to occasionally pull me along.  I'm hoping that a combination of both will serve me well this weekend.

Sam helped my find my time for the 2006 race using the wayback machine.  Now that he knows it, he is determined to beat it.  Unfortunately for me, he's the sort of person who can refrain from training for months at a time and still improve.  It's evil, I know, but I am sort of hoping for bad weather so that I, with my outdoor training, can drop my time without him breaking my PR.  We'll see how it all plays out.

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