Friday, March 8, 2013

old soft shoe

We're having a very hard time keeping Millie's splint dry and in one piece.  The sidewalks are like sandpaper, so anything that we put on the bottom of the splint rubs apart within ten minutes.  We tried massive amounts of duct tape, yogurt cups, milk cartons, peanut butter jars, and finally, an old shoe.  It's a work in progress.

So far, the combination of two plastic bags and an old shoe have been most effective in keeping the water off of the splint, and the splint safe from wear.  Of course, Millie looks ridiculous.  It is often said that a dog is a chick/dude magnet.  Well, an injured dog with a shoe on her leg is twice as much of a draw.  I've met more neighbors in the last week than in a whole year living here.

A friend of mine suggested we try dog hunting booties, so tomorrow we'll go see if Gander Mountain has something I feel can stand up to the rigors of Millie's broken toe.

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