Thursday, March 28, 2013

a healthy dog is a happy dog

Do you know what four weeks of dog sweat stuck in gauze smells like?  Let me tell you, it's not pretty and it lingers.

We took Millie's splint off this week and almost thought we had a problem underneath due to the smell and the build up of fur that had attempted to fall out.  Fortunately, after a thorough cleaning by Sam and me and several hours of licking by Millie, we're back to having a mostly healthy and happy dog.

The transformation in Millie's attitude has been amazing.  For four weeks she wouldn't play with any toys and spent the day moping, hugging our legs, and sighing like the world was on her shoulders.  Two days after the splint came off, she's pushing the boundaries of the low-activity regimen she has to follow for the next two weeks.

Millie will be limping for a few days yet, but as she gains confidence in her health and the squirrels tempt her, she'll soon be putting full weight on her foot and turning all her attention to chasing after everything spring has to offer.

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