Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anniversary of my birth

The fun thing about Nablopomo is that it falls on the month of my birth.  This means that I actually have posts from each of my last eight birthdays.  Want to travel through time with me?  Read each post for November 10th.  You'll definitely be able to tell what I was up to that year.  In 2005, when this picture was taken, I was in Japan celebrating with my friends Jungmin and Mayo.

This year, my choir had a concert.  It went pretty well, and I enjoyed singing most of the music.  After the concert, Sam took me out to dinner where I remembered that bison is not beef (which I am not eating), and decided to give this locally raised meat a try again after several years without.  I couldn't finish a quarter of the burger.  I guess I don't really like red meat of any kind any more.  It's too...meaty.

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