Thursday, November 21, 2013

Appeasement is the best policy

This photo is technically of a golden dolphin in Nagoya, Japan, but we'll pretend for a moment that it is a very angry goldfish.

Why would we do that?  Because today I feel bad about killing off the last of my goldfish.  The other ten or so that didn't make it in the initial installation into my rain barrels never gave me pause, but these three survived all summer.  They had been useful and provided some entertainment.  I liked them.

But winter has come, and letting the rain barrel partially freeze, which goldfish could possibly survive, would also probably damage the rain barrel.  So out went the water, and out went the goldfish.

Yes, I considered trying to keep them inside, but I had nothing to keep them in besides a bucket, and that wasn't going to be a good solution.

So I apologize, goldfish, and hope that your little goldfish spirits are not too angry with me.  I don't want to see your big golden dolphin cousin coming after me for revenge anytime soon.

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