Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good dog, Millie

Well, it looks like this has become the Millie blog.

Since we got Millie, we have been working on training her to be all sorts of a good dog.  First, we made it so that she did not pull on the leash.  Then we made it so that she does not need to be on a leash when walking.

We started her at Ultimate tournaments tied to a tether on the sideline.  Now she roams the sideline during tournaments, stepping on the field on average only once per tournament.  She also manages to leave most unattended bagels and bananas alone.

Today I went to audition for a solo for choir at my director's house.  I took Millie along and left her on his front stoop while I went in.  Yes, I tied her up, but she was exactly where I left her when I came back fifteen minutes later - sitting right in front of the door waiting for me to return.

She's such a good dog.

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