Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Tis the season now

The lebkuchen were the first sign of the season, but this weekend really made it feel like Christmas.

On Thursday, I set up the "Christmas table."  Instead of a tree, every year I pick some random place in the house and decorate it.  Last year was the plant stand where we had a very festive tropical plant as our central "tree."  This year I moved to the side table in the dining room, where I installed the Norfolk pine to act as the tree.  It can support very little weight, however, so my collection of Christmas ornaments from my aunt and my nativity scene are displayed on the table.  Cards and gifts are starting to populate various nooks and crannies.

On Friday, we went out to a traditional Wisconsin fish fry dinner and then walked around the Rotary Lights with friends.  Why we chose one of the coldest nights yet this winter to walk around a giant light display is beyond me, but we got hot chocolate and had a good time.

On Saturday afternoon, I went with Caroline to see the local production of the Nutcracker Ballet.  I used to go every year in Fort Wayne with my grandma, but it had been years since I had seen it live.  Most of the dancers were kids, but they were very talented.  We even got to enjoy the hilariously cute little angel who tugged enthusiastically on her neighboring angel's dress and then knelt down to point at the spot on the floor where they were supposed to be standing until everyone was lined up properly.

On Saturday evening, we went to a fancy-dress Christmas party hosted by a couple from Ultimate.  I'm fairly certain that it was the first fancy Christmas party I have ever attended, and it was certainly the most couple-attended party I've ever attended.  We met lots of nice people, though, and had a good time.

And finally on Sunday I waded into the pile of makings for Christmas cards and got to work.  I didn't get them all finished, though.  I'm told I have until the 20th...

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