Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March madness

Last week was a very busy work week for me.  I was stressed out and felt very much tied to my office chair.  Two things really kept me going.

Firstly, Sam is a great cook and volunteered to make all the dinners last week.  He will comment that he makes a substantial amount of the dinners anyway (which is true), but it is especially nice to know that I don't even have to think about food when I am so busy.

Secondly, the weather was gorgeous on the weekend, and Millie and I were able to take a breather or two out on the marsh.  We found a new trail that provided lots of sniffing opportunities for Millie and a few nice photo-taking opportunities for me.  It was quiet and beautiful just before sunset, and even the half hour we got out there went a long way to keeping me sane.

Now if that weather would only come back...

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