Monday, October 17, 2016

Bathroom Remodel: Day 1

Day 1 is Demo and Discovery Day.

I missed the photo of the horribly botched job of the wall behind the shower stall before our contractor took off the random boards that were slapped on with no apparent rhyme or reason.  There had been no vapor barrier applied, so many of the boards were actually damp and molding.

The new window we had installed earlier is lovely, though.  It has privacy glass on the bottom half so that we can shower with the top half of the window open for ventilation while still avoiding eye contact with our neighbors.
The wall behind the toilet is pretty much what we expected.  What we learned here is that the seal around this big pipe where it meets the roof at one time leaked, and there is some water damage near the ceiling.  This most likely coincides with water damage in the attic.

I now also know where exactly the water damage on the basement ceiling came from; one of the times this bathroom flooded, the water went to the corner of the bathroom and right down the hole for this pipe.
Just like all of the electric elsewhere in the house, this bathroom has several sets of wires and outlets added at different times.  We even found one that had been (against code) just tucked in and walled over.  Goody.  Apparently the bathroom is not on its own circuit either, as the contractor very easily blew a fuse while trying to run some equipment.

At the end of the day, I was told that my bathroom was not cooperating very well.  Based on my experience with it in the five years I've lived here, I am not surprised.


Essie Reed said...

I am really sorry the remodel got off to a rocky start. Your bathroom may not be cooperating right now, but it is still possible to get it remodeled. I hope everything can be fixed up soon. On another note, I have always liked the idea of having privacy glass installed in the bathroom.

Nathaniel Norman said...
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Nathaniel Norman said...

I feel your pain! When we went to remodel our bathroom after three years of home ownership, we discovered significant water damage to the floor beneath the shower. How this was dismissed by the realtor when we purchased the house, I have no idea because the damage is widespread. There was a lot of rotten wood from one small leak.